Mental health will always be grounded in whole body health. When you discover the real imbalances underlying all your symptoms – physical and mental – and take steps to address them, you can restore your health without resorting to problematic drug treatments and endless psychotherapy.” 
~ Dr. Kelly Brogan, Holistic Psychiatrist

Welcome to Second Journey Healing. I’m Vicki, and I’m glad you’re here! 

Most likely you’re following this page because you want to feel better, reduce symptoms, and get your mojo back. You’re stressed out and need help to move on with your beautiful life! 

Well, there’s no getting rid of stress.

Not entirely. From emotional, physical, and metabolic stressors to over-fortified foods, environmental toxins, and depleted crops – our bodies take a daily hit from all directions. But we can mitigate a lot of this. 

By 2013, my health had deteriorated to the point I couldn’t walk across the room without serious blood pressure spikes, dizziness, and tachycardia. My blood pressure bottomed out at night.  I rarely slept, ached all over, and felt incapacitated by constant adrenaline surges. I lost a ton of weight because I was just too nauseated to eat half the time.  

It had a lot to do with adrenal insufficiency or HPA axis dysregulation. Symptoms like depression, anxiety, hypothyroidism, fibro, exhaustion, insomnia, heart arrhythmias – all plagued me. Not to mention benzodiazepine tolerance withdrawal that I knew nothing about. A doctor had wrongly prescribed it when, in truth, my mind and body were symptomatic due to some serious stress-induced mineral imbalances. Well, doctors treated the A-fib just fine but with time, medications further depleted certain minerals. 

I know how it feels to be bedridden or housebound. Urged to go on disability, I felt broken and useless. But I refused to give up. Grace intervened and I bumped into an extraordinary health coach and researcher online whose guidance changed my life.

Compared to that year, I’m a new woman. I now understand that what’s good for the body is good for the mind.  

How did I pull out of that mess? Minerals, for starters. It also took a major paradigm shift because I had to stop worshiping at the altar of allopathic medicine. Conventional medicine, I came to learn (and experience) is wonderful for emergencies, but not so great if you need a healing. With a little faith, I began to learn how to trust my own body’s innate healing capacity. But I had to get away from toxic relationships and deal with grief, trauma, and stress. All that stuff depletes us on every level. 

Your body wants to heal. Sometimes our minds get in the way.  But healing will ask something of us. Are we willing to ferret out the the underlying issues? Address limiting beliefs? And trust the process? Fear puts a choke-hold on healing. Getting help to release it will further your body’s ability to heal.

No one told us that stress-induced mineral loss leads to metabolic dysfunction. Or that  various “symptoms” are the clue that we’re dsyregulated, cellularly-speaking.  I experienced such incredible improvements, I returned to school to specifically study mineral metabolism. I can’t justify being a health coach otherwise. It’s that important.

Remember, dis-ease doesn’t strike out of the blue. Symptoms manifest (whether it’s depression or indigestion) because the body is trying to tell us something. Good news: There’s much we can do that’s in our power to nudge these bodies back towards homeostasis.

You can improve your health!  Not with fad diets or synthetic supplements or doing what you read on the internet – but with some proper guidance regarding whole foods nutrition – and removing whatever’s hindering your progress. If minerals are the sparkplugs of life and the mind-body connection is strong. 

This is my heart’s passion – to spread this truth.
How can I help you today?


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