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Hair Analysis

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If you’re tired of chasing symptoms, it’s time to address the underlying root causes that lead to health challenges in the first place. This is so much better than guessing or throwing the wrong supplements at the problem. 

HTMA gives you an accurate snapshot of overall healthy, vitality, and energy loss, with body system ratios that help you see why and where your body is out of balance. To start the self-repair process, we map out a plan to nudge your body back into homeostasis, or balance. You’ll learn your metabolic type (fast or slow oxidizer) and why each type has differing nutrient needs. This info will carry you forward as you learn what your body needs to return to balance.    

During your 2-hour consult, we’ll review your health history, symptoms, stress patterns, diet, and various blood markers if you have those available. The HTMA provides incredible value for your health journey, and is something I recommend to all my clients. 

HTMA kit: Just follow directions in kit and mail your hair sample directly to lab. Your lab fee cost for HTMA is already included. The lab will then forward me the raw data which I’ll analyze and go over with you.

*Hair sample must not be dyed for the HTMA, but if so, you can still cut fresh growth from the scalp up to 1 and 1/2 inches.  


First time HTMA or follow-up - Always a great health investment!

Whether this is your very first HTMA or a much needed follow-up, congratulations on taking charge of your own health. Hair analysis is an accurate, non-invasive, and helpful way to detect mineral imbalances or abnormal processes so you can start bringing your body back into balance with key nutrients.   


Beauty of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 

What is htma and why do I need this test?

Service #2. 

your unique Health Snapshot

 Service #2. 

your Personal Biochemistry

Service #2. 

Gift of mineral Balancing

 Service #2. 

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