The Second Journey: Life-Changing Healing Pilgrimage 

3-month 'minerals & mindset' Encounter:

NOTE: Not accepting new clients at this time.

You deserve a life filled with energy, passion, purpose, and joy. But life has a way of taking us down a spiraling detour filled with stress, loss, and personal trauma.  

If you’re facing chronic health challenges or have tried to be strong too long, it’s time to give yourself the ultimate self-care package.      

Doctors do what they’re trained to do, of course – link a medication with symptoms. But symptoms are there to let you know when the body is out of balance. To heal and restore function, yes, even reverse these symptoms – we need some kind of reasonable blueprint to bring the body back to homeostasis.  I can help you with that. You see, I’ve been down the same road.   

Let me take you on a little healing pilgrimage: 

* Discover the elegance and power of minerals and their effect on mind, mood, and metabolism.

* Feel heard and accepted deep in your soul.  Share your heart-story to someone who cares.  

* Implement gentle changes and release your stress story.

* Learn how to support your body’s needs at the mitochondrial level.     

During this wellness journey, you’ll learn how to listen to your body and build resilience. It’s the ultimate in radical self-care, mineral-based healing, and personal support. 

For 3 months I’ll be your personal health Sherpa, guide, and gentle truthteller. Just as there are main roads on every journey, there are also set intentions. Your journey will have its own rhythm and momentum. Healing is not always a ‘linear’ progression, but you can trust your body will respond to every change you make along the way.      

This Minerals & Mindset Support Package is designed for your heart, spirit, and health. Need someone to confide in? Rally for your successes? Lift you up when you falter or doubt? Hey, none of this about perfection. It’s about gentle steps, self-nurturing, and restoring metabolic function that leads to increasing health. As you gain new body wisdom, fresh perspectives, cross old barriers, release fears, and gain a healthier momentum, you’ll not only feel better but trust your instincts again.      

This journey begins with certain measurements: A hair lab analysis, recommended blood work, and thorough symptom assessment and health history. Once we know your metabolic type, you’ll receive  recommendations and guidance accordingly, as well as continued emotional support via 60-minute phone sessions every other week. You can expect additional support via emails, texts, and resources that include links, podcasts, videos, and inspirational worksheets. 

This is an inner and outer pilgrimage for your well-being and transformation. Are you ready? 

Let’s pack and get started!  

The Minerals & Mindset Sacred Encounter:

YES. A wellness path that not only guides you back to health, but back to your true authentic self. How cool is that? 

While minerals are considered the spark plugs of life, our emotional state can really impact our personal biochemistry.  And vice versa.

If you’re ready to get unstuck, I’m ready to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be.  

Your wellness itinerary:   

1. Thorough client intake and wellness assessment.

2. HTMA hair test and a lab panel to assess your individual mineral terrain.

3. A summary with suggestions for whole foods to take on your journey.  

4. Opportunity to clarify intentions and set goals for your healing journey. 

5.  Knowledge of the elegance of essential minerals and enzymes to help return you back to homeostasis. 

6. Radical self-care with maps and treasures.

7. Deepening awareness of your body’s stress response with signposts to guide you.  

8.  Recognizing the relationship between your emotions and biochemistry, and how minerals impact mood and metabolic function. 

9. Improved energy and lessening symptoms as you address issues of dysregulation.     

10. Growth in body wisdom so you become your own wellness advocate and learn to take charge of your health.  

11. Release of emotional blocks and fears that hinder efforts to heal.

12. Mindset challenges, stress management, and meaningful emotional support.

13. Confidence in whole food nutrition, the mind-body connection, and claiming a new ‘body story.’

14. Email support between sessions, texts for check-ins, and encouraging resources.  

15. Total of six phone sessions (60+ min. each) for relaxed, power-packed check-ins.


When traveling across new terrain, we start to view the lay of the land differently. Second Journey Healing offers  a different approach from the compartmentalized thinking of allopathic/conventional medicine. I help you dismantle any medical myths or assumptions that kept you captive so you can make room for the paradigm shift that’s coming. 

This shift in belief fosters not only cellular healing but hope and transformation. You’re here because you’re ready to feel better, change your life, and do what you’ve been called to do. You’re ready to unlearn, unleash – and reboot and recover!  

This Minerals & Mindset Encounter is about YOU.  

Although I have a ‘travel itinerary’ in mind for you, I tweak and adjust it according to your felt needs, and whatever comes up for you in our sessions together.    

Women are telling me this Minerals & Mindset Encounter is a wise and worthy investment At the close of our 3 months together, you’ll certainly have the option of renewing before our last session. But please do expect your life to change. Because you’ll then have the tools you need to journey forward.  

Ready? Just scroll back to the ‘purchase’ button up above, click and pay. Be sure to send me a note if you have any questions. I’m thrilled to offer you my support and look forward to coming alongside you on a very health-changing heart journey.   

For your wellness! 


Second journey healing 

Why should I take this pilgrimage?

Maya Angelou once said, “When women take care of their health they become their own best friend.” You take care of everyone else. Why would you deserve anything less? If you’ve been to every doctor in town, and a few specialists to boot,  yet still struggle after pills, diet, and a cupboard of supplements, it’s time to do something different. Time for the kind of paradigm shift that takes you to the next level. The place where you truly see a shift in your health and wellbeing. This invitation is an invitation to an inner and outer transformation – a definite healing encounter. For the woman who’s been strong for way too long, afraid she’ll never unlock the mystery.

You can actually take back your health AND your power, while learning to become your own best health advocate.   

Tell me about your modality

As I listen to your story, gather your health history and symptom assessment, I then utilize the hair tissue lab analysis, or HTMA, along with a lab panel to help you connect the dots between your stress (whether emotional, metabolic, environmental, or otherwise) and the underlying imbalances that keep you in chains. As we review your symptoms, labs, and HTMA, you’ll be able to slowly implement a protocol that gently encourages your body back into homeostasis, with special attention to your metabolic type: fast or slow oxidizer.

Your Sherpa for this mission is certified in the Root Cause Protocol and hair tissue mineral analysis, mineral balancing, a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, specializing in mind-body health, and a trauma-informed nurse well-versed in matters of anatomy and physiology. 

How soon will I feel better?

When your heart is set on pilgrimage, the work becomes a joy.

As you incorporate whole food nutrition, stress-reduction, the wisdom of your metabolic type, nourishing traditions, and the newfound health knowledge you’ll gain – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your body’s positive responses. As a rule of thumb, we generally feel better soon away implementing appropriate changes, but the deeper healing will understandably take a bit longer – maybe anticipate a month for every year you’ve been out of balance.  Previous clients all remark how great they start to feel once a healthier routine is underway. 

Your mileage will vary, of course, depending on how long you’ve struggled, and your patience with the process, but the body’s magnificent capacity to self-repair is incredible.     

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