HTMA & 2-Hour Consultation

$325.00 $285.00

HTMA hair kit, plus full two-hour private consultation. A non-invasive test that provides you a wealth of information concerning the state of your health, mineral status, stress patterns, and any trends toward illness. Knowledge is power. Isn’t it time?



Please “test, don’t guess.” Taking the wrong supplements could actually be doing you harm.

This two-hour consultation includes your hair kit and instructional video, spreadsheet with ratios and hair test results, plus a summary of recommendations based on test findings. I’ll review your health history, listen actively to the story that brought you here, and shed light on your mineral imbalances/deficiencies, metabolic type, and mineral ratios for each body system.

A proper hair analysis, done through a reputable lab, needs to be rightly interpreted by a trained mineral consultant. Your total cost includes lab fee for the HTMA. The HTMA is also valuable in that it often detects certain deficiencies well before a blood test would.

Get the knowledge you need today to start nudging your body back towards homeostasis. As you start addressing the mitochondrial dysregulation caused by years of stress-induced mineral loss, you’ll then have opportunity to mitigate the metabolic chaos, suffering, and fear that accompanies so many medical labels. You are not your medical label.

NOTE: The cost for the recommended blood panel is NOT included in this package but strongly recommended. The two tests together provide the best overview of your overall health.

*Blood work can either be ordered by your practitioner/insurance, or you may wish to purchase through Request-a-Test or Ulta Wellness online. Further instructions will be sent once you place your HTMA order. Thank you! 


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