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A Healing or A Cure?

A dear lady asked me an important question. She wanted to know if she did thus-and-so, would she get well? Could she trust this healing path? Out of my own heart emerged an inquiry: "What are you seeking," I asked her, "a healing or a cure?" She broke down in tears....

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Messed Up Food Supply

Are you tired, achy, with joint pain? Concerned about increasing symptoms. Maybe cancer has hit too close to home, too? Once you realize what's been done to our food system, it's gonna mess with your head. But we do have 'work-a-rounds.' So  keep that in mind.   1. In...

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Whole Body Health

"Mental health will always be grounded in whole body health. When you discover the real imbalances underlying all your symptoms - physical and mental - and take steps to address them, you can restore your health without resorting to problematic drug treatments and...

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