A dear lady asked me an important question. She wanted to know if she did thus-and-so, would she get well? Could she trust this healing path? Out of my own heart emerged an inquiry: “What are you seeking,” I asked her, “a healing or a cure?”

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She broke down in tears. “Oh, wow. No one’s ever asked me that before,” she said.

Part of taking responsibility for our health begins by recognizing how our emotions and experiences have impacted our health at the deepest levels. When we feel stuck, it’s okay to reach out. It’s not only okay, it’s wise.

For years I felt sick, despondent, and cut off from my true self. Discouraged that I couldn’t effect change, it was easier to resign myself to a chronic illness and blame the medical community for their shortcomings rather than make changes and claim personal agency.

It’s not easy at first. But the mind/body connection is strong. As a woman who rose out the ashes of despair and healed from multiple conditions, I encourage you to rise up, too. I support your healing.

Resilient woman, take back your health.  Please know that I’m here to support you.

In health & love,

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