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What People Are Saying

“I didn’t realize how depleted I was all this time… thank you for helping me.”

“Listen, you’re not just a health coach – you’re a freakin’ inspiration!”

“No more scary heart palps and now I’m starting to sleep better, too.”

Second Journey Coach: Have blog, will travel

Do You Want Healing or A Cure?

A dear woman asked me a question last week. She wanted to know if she did thus-and-so, could she truly expect to get better? Could she trust this new path? I wanted to reassure her, of course, but out of the depths of my own heart emerged an inquiry: "What are you...

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Messed Up Food Supply

Hey friend. We all want to be healthy, strong, and live a long life. Sometimes in spite of all we do to feel better, it's still coming down like a train wreck. Are you tired? Achy? Joint pain? Worried about cancer? I've something important to share. Once you realize...

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Whole Body Health

"Mental health will always be grounded in whole body health. When you discover the real imbalances underlying all your symptoms - physical and mental - and take steps to address them, you can restore your health without resorting to problematic drug treatments and...

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